Sensity Lenses 
Darken Outdoors 
and Lighten Indoors

Comfortable vision 

in all light conditions

Find your optician

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Sensity light-reactive lenses adapt to their surroundings so your eyes don’t have to: they darken to sunglasses outdoors and quickly fade back to full clarity indoors. So whatever your day looks like, you’ll always have a solution at hand. Try Sensity light-reactive lenses at your optician’s today!

Facts & Figures

Sensity light-reactive lenses:

  • Give you comfortable vision in all light conditions
  • Perform consistently in all climates, seasons and circumstances
  • Darken swiftly to sunglasses outdoors
  • Fade quickly back to full clarity indoors
  • Provide 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Are available in three stylish colours: bronze brown, silver grey and green
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